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Restaurant Logo Los Angeles

Umami Burger is clearly aiming for mouth-watering with their logo (and burgers).

On Saturday, Adam Fleischman discussed his vision for Umami Burger, which should open on La Brea by late February. Today, he unveiled the Umami Burger menu with the disclaimer that not every menu item will be available from Day One.

When Umami Burger is going full-force, expect the following options:

Port & Stilton Sliders ($8) blue cheese, port caramelized onions
SoCal Burger ($7.50) butter lettuce, dried tomato, house spread, house made processed cheese, caramelized onions
Umami Burger ($8) umami x 6
Triple Pork Burger ($8) aged manchego, pimenton aioli
Turkey Confit Burger ($8) onions, spread
Truffle Burger ($11) Italian truffle cheese, truffle aioli
Mideast Burger ($9.50) Sonoma lamb with harissa yogurt
Pickled Burger ($7.50) five kinds of house made pickles, aioli
Benedict Burger ($8) fried egg, bacon, Hollandaise
Hi-End Chili Burger ($8)


Hand Cut Fries ($2.50) triple-cooked
Sweet Potato Chips ($2) light spices
Roasted Garlic Potato Salad ($3)
Market Salad ($4)
Hi-End Chili ($4)
Cru Iced Coffee ($3) best you can get
Black Forest Shake ($4)
Mexican Coke (2/3)
Cafegado ($3.50) two shots of espresso over gelato
Cake Monkey Desserts ($3)

free with purchase

Umami Ketchup
Dijon Mustard
House Spread
House Pickles


Joshua Lurie

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I have to say that those port and stilton burgers look good to me.

no talk of actual specimen of meat = instant avoidance. don’t care if you’re grinding your meat instantly if it’s just corn-fred non USDA Prime 50% chuck. *shrug*

Isn’t “house made processed cheese” an oxymoron?

those sides and desserts look good.

I like that ambiguous logo — burger or lips?

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