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East Austin is the city’s undisputed hub for food and drink at this point, and specialty coffee has been one of the biggest growth areas. Fleet Coffee is one of the neighborhood’s best new coffeehouses thanks to the efforts of longtime professionals Lorenzo Perkins and business partner Patrick Pierce. Perkins is a former barista champion who previously worked for Cuvee Coffee and Caffe Medici, which is where he met Pierce. The duo opened Fleet Coffee six months ago, replacing a short-lived cafe called Superhuman Bean.

Their triangular space features a small patio shaded with a sail and wooden banquette seating. Key coffee elements include a three-group La Marzocco espresso machine, V60 brewers, and beans from roasters like Madcap, Sweet Bloom, Wrecking Ball, and Wild Gift.

Signature drinks differentiate Fleet Coffee from nearby coffeehouses. One fun sign drink is the Saturday Morning Ritual featuring Fruity Pebble milk, espresso, and a Rice Krispies treat. I opted for Sandia ($6), a Collins glass filled with smooth iced coffee, simple syrup, bitters, a judicious amount of Juiceland’s Recovery Punch (watermelon, pineapple, coconut water, beet, lime and Himalayan sea salt) and an aromatic mint sprig garnish. Considering Austin registered 90-degree days during our stay, this drink proved to be refreshing and reinvigorating, staying true to a name that translates from Spanish as “watermelon.”

Address: 2427 Webberville Road, Austin, TX 78702

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