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Elements is tucked away inside Summit Lodge & Spa.

Every alpine resort needs a good breakfast option that lays the necessary carb base for skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers to burn on the mountain, at the very minimum. On the south end of Whistler’s Lower Village, that place is clearly Elements Urban Tapas Parlour. The restaurant, which sprouted out of the Wild Wood Restaurant Group in 2005, more than fulfills that promise.

Elements occupies a triangular room in the Summit Lodge & Spa, including a wood counter overlooking the open kitchen, cushioned banquettes and booths and a single high six-top.

Executive Chef Erin Stone presides over the menu, which included tempting options like stuffed French toast (savory or sweet) and baked frittatas.

Breakfast Whistler

Benedict Duo ($14) allowed me to try two different Benedicts: Canadian back bacon (pork loin) and sweet Queen Charlotte Dungeness crab meat, both involving tangy citrus Hollandaise and toasted English muffins.

Egg yolks displayed vibrant orange color. The Benedict duo came with a crispy potato tartlet – basically a latke with potato strands and onion in the shape of a muffin – and chive sour cream.

They even added a complimentary smoothie shot, guava, melon and banana, with a tiny melon ball garnish. Nice touch. Looking for something stronger? They pour six local beers on tap and a host of other beverages reserved for people 19 and older.

There was already plenty of food on the plate, but it proved impossible to resist the side of smoked duck sausage ($5). The sausage featured crisp edges from the griddle, but unfortunately was overcooked, to the point where it was chewy and indistinguishable as duck.

Still, the charred duck didn’t get me down, and the breakfast – while expensive – still tasted good otherwise, and more than helped to fuel the rest of my day, which featured a scenic train ride to Vancouver on the Rocky Mountaineer.

Elements Urban Tapas Parlour: Alpine Bites in Whistler Triangle


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