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Sandwich Miami

Snacking is rarely necessary in Miami, a city that’s strong on hearty comida Latina, but one viable option remains El Rey de las Fritas a Cuban diner that’s been located on Calle Ocho, aka 8th Street, aka Tamiami Trail, over 40 years. [Many main roads in Miami have two names]. Anyway, the owners expanded to Hialeah, opened near Florida International University, and even rolled out a food truck, all on the strength of their signature sandwich. Clearly, they’re on to something.

Sandwich Miami
The original location features a linoleum counter shaped like two arches, red stools and red booths, and photos of Cuba on the walls. El Rey de las Fritas has a photo menu that must span 20 feet, but the specialty is undoubtedly a Frita ($4.05). Some people call this a “Cuban hamburger,” but that’s reductive. A soft bolillo cradled a crusty, bright red chorizo patty, crunchy matchstick fries, uncooked diced onion and, in my case, a slice of completely unnecessary American cheese. Snack on, Miami.


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Cuban-American expat burger.

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