Eagle Rock Openings: Mill ‘n’ Mick Cafe, Caribbean Dreams (Texas BBQ) + Corner Pizzeria [CLOSED]

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Restaurant Eagle Rock

The Ninanongs bring cost effective food to Oxy students.

Mill ‘n’ Mick Cafe
4862 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Nott Ninanong and wife Bell opened Mill ‘n’ Mick Cafe two weeks ago, naming the casual cafe for their two sons. The former Oxy Cafe has become an orange-walled order-at-the-counter spot.

At breakfast, expect scrambles, “freestyle” omelettes and French toast. You can also order a “fully-loaded breakfast” of fried rice (with peas, carrots and raisins), egg, sausage and fried chicken wing.

Later in the day, you’ll find sandwiches, spaghetti dishes and salads. Appetizers include fried chicken wontons, three styles of chicken wings and mozzarella sticks.

For the entrees, Bell hyped the “Zasty” grilled shrimp with butter and garlic. Shrimp or grilled chicken breast with sautéed mushrooms costs only $5.99 and comes with a choice of two sides. Yes, you can get your shrimp with applesauce and mashed potatoes if you’re so inclined. Marinated T-bone steak is by far the most expensive plate at $9.75. The cost-effective menu could appeal to budget-conscious Oxy students.

To drink, there’s boba tea, Thai iced coffee or tea and something called a “Milky Pinky.”

Restaurant Eagle Rock

Chef Fausto is bringing his Caribbean Dreams to reality.

Caribbean Dreams (Texas BBQ)
1500 Hazelwood Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90041

“Five star Chef Fausto” is apparently working to fuse Caribbean food with Texas barbecue on Eagle Rock’s Southeast edge, near the Highland Park border. A Google search for “Chef Fausto” unearthed Ecuador-born chef Fausto Alvarez, most recently of Tropical Caribbean Restaurant on South Lake in Pasadena. Considering the Caribbean connection, he could be the same chef.

The two-story canary yellow building is currently under construction, with a bare interior. The paved parking lot in front is stacked with refuse – from the prior tenant? – including a wood chair mountain.

Corner Pizzeria
2136 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Somebody plans to open a pizza joint within one block of Brownstone and six blocks of 800-pound pizza gorilla Casa Bianca, in former home of Nhon Motorsports. Who, why and when is still unclear.


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Corner Pizzeria is not the same “shitty” Big Mamas, and Big Mamas was never “shitty.” We will be opening early December and yes it did take a while, only because we aim for perfection. We specialize in health and customer service. See you all soon!

corner pizzeria actually has nothing to do with big mamas it has some identical aspects but i think its gonna be more about healthy food, and ive seen the inside i think they did a wonderful job, plus the guys that own it are very well known i the pizza industry so i wouldnt expect anything bad from them, im gonna visit the first day it opens which i dont know when it will be but i think its gonna be soon

thai ice tea…

Tea Chef…

about corner pizzeria…. i go to the blockbuster there… i always see nice cars there… and btw i never saw these cars at big momas… i go ther for food… cuz i like it… so im curious who they are:)

Corner Pizzeria has been a long time coming in Eagle Rock. Then again, any Eagle Rock restaurant opening seems to take forever. It will be interesting to see how that place pans out considering the prior pizza infiltration from Casa Bianca and Brownstone.

you know the guys who own it?
i see nice cars parked there a lot… never seen em tho


Which of these three restaurants are you asking about?

Corner Pizzeria is Big Mama’s and Papa’s. They changed the name of this location to try and appear “indie” and blend in with the neighborhood vibe. But it will still be the same shitty pizza:

Who knows, maybe the pizza turns out to be good… you never know…
Im guessing itll be open by the summer, that’s when business is booming…

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800-pound gorilla?! don’t be mean! The breakfast spot looks like a nice find, and the BBQ spot looks like…a house.

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