Fremont Brewing Universale Pale Ale (Drink of the Week)

Craft Beer Seattle

It takes a serious craft beer bar to even have a Randall on hand. The double chamber device, created by Dogfish Head in 2002, has the ability to infuse the beer you’re running through the Randall with various ingredients. At The Pine Box at the base of Seattle’s Capitol Hill, a former church with 33 taps and reclaimed pews doubling as booths, they of course had Fremont Brewing Universale Pale Ale on draught. The flagship beer from a brewery based in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, is a sessionable beer that’s available year-round, clocks 5.6% ABV, and combines “Pale, Special Aromatic & Melanoidin malts with Columbus, Centennial & Cascade hops.” Still, it took the Randall-fed addition of Mosaic hops to deliver a fresh, piney electricity to my 12-ounce pour ($4). There wasn’t a better beer all weekend in Seattle.


Joshua Lurie

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