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4505 Meats butcher Ryan Farr has become somewhat of a pork celebrity in San Francisco, packing hot dogs with bacon, leading butchery classes and printing posters that tout the benefits of his famous chicharrones, aka “crispity clouds of porkaliciousness.” He and wife Cesalee ahve also carved out a nice niche for themselves at the famed Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, selling maple breakfast sausage sandwiches and porchetta, to name just two options. Still, it was his creation for Foodbuzz’s November 5 street food fest that blew the doors off Herbst Pavilion.

Sandwich San Francisco
The event was designed to introduce “Featured Publishers” to a number of the city’s top trucks and stands. Basically, it was a great way for vendors to impress hundreds of the nation’s top food bloggers, which all fall under the Foodbuzz ad network. Given the forum, not many food vendors pulled punches. Farr brined pork loin in pickling liquid, crusted slices in cornmeal and fried them to a crisp. The lean, tangy meat remained juicy and worked very well with the sweet grilled onions, overflowing coriander aioli and buttery sesame-studded bun. Farr even added a handful of chicharrones to the cardboard boat. The combination was inspiring for a pork lover like me.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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There were only four favorites from the opening street food fair, and 4505 had two of them. 4505 represents! We made those chicharrones once, and though tons of work, they are worth the trouble. Great to meet you in person after all this time! We should do an LA meet up soon if you’re down.

Glad to hear you both enjoyed the pork loin sandwich. Hopefully 4505 will start making it on a regular basis. Then everybody can benefit.

Duo Dishes,

Let’s definitely grab a meal soon. You have any chicharrones left?

This was my favorite savory thing at the street food fest! delicious!! So nice meeting you!

It was great to meet you this weekend!! And that 4505 sandwich was definitely one of my favorites 🙂

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