Doma Kitchen: Charming Eastern European Cafe in South Bay [CLOSED]

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Doma Kitchen celebrates rarely seen Eastern European dishes in style.

Angelika Corrente and husband Stan Mayzalis opened their Eastern European “home” to the public in the summer of 2013. Doma Kitchen resides along a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that’s set back from the water in Redondo Beach. Chef Kristina Miksyte specializes in “glocal” cuisine. Yes, that’s Globally inspired food featuring local, seasonal ingredients.

An inviting wood-paneled patio greets diners at this unassuming South Bay café. Order at the counter, facing an open kitchen and sheets of tantalizing pastries, grab a big 3D number, and retreat to the patio.

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The spacious outdoor dining area features shaded communal wood tables, murals, and a living wall.

Doma Kitchen features a fairly familiar selection of sandwiches and salads. What sets Doma apart from other restaurants is their selection of lamb dishes, which factors into sandwiches, crepes, salads, and you’re-lucky-if-they-have-it lagman noodles. They also fill a counter with house-baked pastries, another important differentiator along PCH.

Potato Chips Los Angeles

Each Doma meal starts with complimentary (and chewy) house-made potato chips and horseradish dipping sauce.

Soup Los Angeles

Borscht is a cold weather soup, but somehow felt right on the warm patio, loaded with beets, cabbage, lamb, potatoes and dill, served with crusty bread and tangy sour cream.

Crepe Los Angeles

Lamb stars at Doma and factors into a floppy griddled crepe that’s also filled with onions, mushrooms, and molten mozzarella. Sour cream and tomato sauce co-star.

Uzbeki Food Los Angeles

Plov, the hearty Uzbeki dish, stars simmered rice with spices, vegetables (garbanzo beans, grapes, carrots and tomatoes) and if you’re smart, lamb ($4 supplement). The pot’s massive.

Salad Los Angeles

Chili Lamb Salad consists of crunchy Napa cabbage, snow peas and beans sprouts, savory carved lamb, red onion, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint, and sweet chile sauce.

Dessert Los Angeles

Before leaving, submit to temptation at the counter, which features flaky pastries like the Honey Bite, rectangular baklava with phyllo layered with walnuts, honey and raisin; and Apple Strudel, a phyllo-wrapped baked apple dome.


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