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Craftsman Brewing founder Mark Jilg brews Peachy Keen with prized stonefruit.

L.A.’s craft beer scene still has more to give, as evidenced by new places like Brews Brothers Craft Beer & Artisan Eats, a beer bar with Belgian-inspired food from brothers Billie and Joey Anderson in the NoHo Arts District. The longtime beer pros took over a martial arts studio earlier this year and completely transformed a brick-walled building with curved wooden rafters. The brothers rotate 42 taps. Billie noted, “It might not be a beer we drink, but it’s a good representation of that style.” That said, Craftsman Brewing Peachy Keen is definitely a beer they’d drink, and so should you.

The seasonal 8.3% ABV beer is a new fall classic from Craftsman Brewing founder Mark Jilg, a Belgian-style saison called Peachy Keen breweed with prized Masumoto Family Farm peaches and nectarines. The amber-hued beer ages for two years in oak foeders (massive barrel), yielding a beautifully funky beer with bright acidity and a sweet-tart finish.


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