12 Craft Beer Resolutions for 2016

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Resolutions. Some people dutifully dream them up and just as dutifully follow them throughout the year. Others disdain the practice as all talk and no walk. Still others go to the gym once, maybe twice, then call it a year.

I believe, as with Valentine’s Day, that if you have to catch-up and make good all on one holiday that you should probably be making resolutions each month. With that being said, here are 12 handy beer resolutions that I will be trying to achieve in 2016.

January – Visit new L.A. breweries within a week or two of opening so that you can see them evolve. HopSaint might be a good choice!

February – Re-visit a brewery that you haven’t been to in awhile. Bonus points if the brewery did not meet expectations the first time, but might have improved.

March – Do more beer and cheese pairings. It is a super strong suit for beer and yet I don’t do it nearly enough.

April – Pick a month to eschew IPAs. Create a zone of non-bitterness for 30 days. Look at the whole display case.

May – Take more beer breaks. As in, steer clear of beer for a weekend. Immerse oneself in wine or whiskey or cocktail culture and let your beer palate take a rest.

June – Take a beer-centric vacation. Hit up San Francisco or Temecula over a weekend.

July – Share more beer. I need to get better at gifting part of a six-pack and inviting people over to share a larger bottle (or two).

August – Buy a crowler or actually fill up one of your forgotten growlers. [Wash it first though.]

September – Don’t stop emptying the cellar. I opened a bottle (or two) every month in 2014 but I backslid last year.

October – Make a top three beers of the month list with reasons why you liked that beer so much.

November – Brew crawl the downtown L.A. breweries. It will be easy, you could walk from Boomtown to Angel City, Arts District, and Mumford in 30 minutes.

December – Conduct a blind tasting of a style and see if your pre-tasting favorite fares well when tasted minus the label.

The Beer of the Week is This Sour Future from Smog City Brewing. There might not be too many bottles left of this limited release is “a red wine barrel-aged sour brown that serves as the introduction to the sour side of Smog City’s barrel and blending program.”

The Homework this week is to find a new beer to toast the new year. You could pick a random bottle from a reputable beer bottle shop or have a friend pick a bottle for you with no restrictions on it. I would go so far as to make a guessing game of it and blind tasting the beer and see if you can guess the

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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