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2020 IPA is a Golden Road collaboration with L.A. River Revitalization Corp. [Golden Road Brewing]

If you really needed to have a REASON to drink craft beer aside from the great taste and/or the locally brewed aspect, then how about charity?

I recently had the opportunity to taste the latest beer in the custom IPA series from Golden Road Brewing, called 2020.  Brewed to raise awareness of the L.A. River Revitalization Corporation which is the spearhead for creating a greenway along the 51 miles of the Los Angeles River by the year, wait for it…2020.

2020 is a red IPA which has a good citrus taste at first. Mix of tangerine and orange notes which semi-hides a strong bitterness. Some Jolly Rancher type of cloying candy notes at the back. Kinda too sweet at the back due (I think) to the red malt used. Ends with a surprisingly dry finish as well.  Definitely not a typical IPA and quite different from the Heal the Bay IPA of last year.

And that is not the only IPA that Golden Road has brewed for a cause.  Last year heralded their Heal the Bay IPA which was a collaboration with another water-based charity (because water is VERY important to brewing).

Down in Long Beach, Beachwood Brewing has used the collective beer madness around Pliny the Younger from Russian River Brewing to drive their own charitable project. Their Pliny Fights Cancer Raffle is in its third year now and last year raised $9,000 in the memory of elementary school teacher, Tony Carbone, who lost a brave fight to cancer.  You can still help to push that number higher this year by buying a raffle ticket or five between now and February 22.  Even if you don’t win the hyped beer, you will be helping a cause greater than craft beer.

And it is not only hoppy brews that are joining the battle, at the recent 4th Anniversary celebration at Eagle Rock Brewery you could also buy raffle tickets while sipping their White Rabbit Imperial Wit. The raised funds went to the Keep A Breast Foundation, a non-profit organization that educates on breast cancer prevention.

And the big event on the Los Angeles Craft beer calendar, L.A. Beer Week also is part of the charitable wave, with a portion of the ticket price going to the Spero Foundation.

And that is only the tip of the keg.  There are many more ways that we as a beer community can give back to not only health and environmental causes but to many projects that will enrich and better our lives, like beer does.

The Beer of the Week is a bottled blonde ale from Saint Archer Brewery in San Diego.  They along with Modern Times Beer have invaded the City of Angels in the past month which goes to show just how thirsty for craft beer we are here.  I choose the blonde because with most taster trays, you begin with the lightest beer and then move your way up.  The second reason for choosing it is due to our reverse polar vortex weather.  A blonde just fits the 80-degree February days better.

Your weekly Homework involves a little bit of 210 freeway driving to check out the brand spanking new Alosta Brewing taproom in Covina!  A nice big Alosta banner with their signature water tower hangs on one wall with plenty of tables with a view of the brewing equipment.  Currently on tap, you’ll find their IPA, Saison and Oatmeal Stout.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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