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Beer Gifts

You ask this question at this time of year.  “What would you like for Christmas?”  Some people are easy to shop for and others are much harder to please.  Thankfully, I think that craft beer geeks are easy to buy for.  You can always put a bow on a bottle and voila! You have made that person happy.  (Unless the bow is around a Budweiser.)

Forthwith are some ideas for the beer lover on your Christmas shopping list.

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. (Images of America) – There have been a rash of beer books lately.  Which is a great thing.  But instead of going the home brew or guidebook route how about some beer history?  This book features photos of this iconic Pennsylvania brewery that is five generations young.  There are great photographs that cover the people, the brewhouse, the advertising and even some billboards where you can see the less attractive ads of the bigger breweries. On Amazon you can also buy a pint glass with the logo to pair with the book.

Sonic Foamer – If you are a fan of kitchen technology that is used once and then sits on the counter, hey, everybody loves gadgets.  Then this beer enhancer just might fit the bill.  It agitates the bubble thus releasing more aroma.

Chillsner – There seems to be a scourge upon the land.  An epidemic of warm bottles of beer.  I myself have never encountered that problem but if someone you know does then the Chillsner is the gift.  Plunge this chilled item into the beer to get your lager or IPA back to the proper temperature.

Stainless Steel Beer Growler – Plain.  No fancy design.  All the better to take advantage of the semi-relaxed growler laws of California.  This stainless steel 64oz growler has a flip top Grolsch style cap and can be the go-to growler for those breweries that will fill it.

Growler’s from Let’s Pour – Speaking of growler’s.  Wanna stay at home?  Don’t want to travel?  Then the Let’s Pour website will mail you a growler.  You read correctly.  The roster changes with availability but imagine the surprise on the face of a beer fan to see a growler under the tree.

Custom Bottle opener – If you have a lot of people on your list and you want to show them your good taste in beer.  How about ordering a batch of bottle openers with your logo of choice on it.  That way all through 2014 people will think of you when opening their beer.  That is a pleasant memory to plant in peoples minds and it might get you a better present next year.

Your Beer of the Week is one of three Almanac Beer Co. Single Hop IPA’s.  Look for the three C’s.  Chinook, Cascade and Cluster.  An excellent way to use your wallet to promote not only organic hop growing but also to support a brewery that loves to support local agriculture as well.  Plus they are tasty and bitter to boot.

Your holiday themed craft beer Homework this week is to give to charity, by making a keg kick.  In bar parlance, that is empty the keg,  At City Tavern in Culver City tonight, the kegs from participating breweries will have a charity attached to them.  Not literally, but the first three kegs that are finished earns the charity linked to that beer part of the proceeds from the night.  Plus you can view (and buy, yet another gift idea!) photos from the renowned Bernie Wire.  More event details can be found right HERE!

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Great gift suggestions, Sean. We’d love to see any of these under our tree this year! We’ve got another suggestion. Check out your local brewpub and see if they have a Brewmaster’s Dinner coming up. Get your foodie/craft beer lover a couple of tickets and hope they invite you along. Aaanndd (here comes the blatant plug), we have our 4th Anniversary Brewmaster’s Dinner coming up in January. Thanks and cheers!

Ladyface Ale Companie, blatant plugs from friends in the food and drink world are encouraged in the Comments section. Happy holidays!

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