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Fall Gourds

10 Great California Pumpkin Beers

There are pumpkin Oreos, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin gum and even pumpkin hummus out there, but the least gimmicky use of the Jack-O-Lantern is in craft beer.  Why?  Because brewers in America have used everything...
Beer Gifts

Craft Beer Gifts for Craft Beer Geeks

You ask this question at this time of year. “What would you like for Christmas?”  Some people are easy to shop for and others are much harder to please. Thankfully, I think that craft...
Craft Beer California

California’s Best Beers at GABF 2013

Despite the tantalizing temptation to taste rare or otherwise not-available-locally beers from the other states, I made it a point at this year’s Great American Beer Festival to sample the wares of the Golden...
Top 10 California

10 Great California Sour Beers

Pucker Up!  It is time to get sour. Two weeks ago, I covered the white hot IPA style with a list of 10 Top California IPAs to drink and today we head into another...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Pacific Plate Brewing

It is good to see the magical word “approved” when you are reading beer news. And it is especially good if it means a new L.A. area brewery is opening. Both are the case with...
Brewmaster San Francisco

Interview: Jesse Friedman (SodaCraft + Almanac Beer Co.)

In another shining example of food blogger makes good, Beer & Nosh mastermind Jesse Friedman is the founder of two San Francisco based beverage companies. The longtime homebrewer recently launched SodaCraft and co-founded Almanac...