Craft Beer Gear Guide: Father’s Day Edition

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There are only 10 more days to get something for the Dad in your life. Aside from the best gift of taking Dad to a local brewery (or a public house – see below), there are other items that can make the beer experience better and more fun. Without further ado, explore the Food GPS Craft Beer Gear Guide: Father’s Day Edition, brought to you by the letter C.

For the Dad Who CooksBeer Syrup

Beer Cocktails are a neat little side arena of the craft beer movement and now there is a new way to utilize craft beer with your gin, vodka and whiskey with Beer Syrup. Or as they recommend, try it as a syrup for your pancakes or waffles. Comes in flavors of pecan nut brown, mocha porter, vanilla espresso porter and barrel aged stout.

For the Dad Who CampsCooler Tube

With a plethora of cans out there, like Umlaut from Eagle Rock, you can take craft beer camping now. And if you don’t have space in the cooler. You can take the Cooler Sleeve and put your quiver of canned beer on your shoulder.

For the Dad Who Cleansgrowler cleaning tablets

I have heard many a tale of gacky growlers not fit for a new refill. Help Dad keep his growler collection spotless and ready at a moment’s notice with the Craft Meister Cleaning Tablets. Just add warm water and in minutes you can head out to a great local LA brewery and get it filled.

For the Dad Who plays CardsThinking & Drinking card game

Conversation usually flows really well when beer is involved but if you want to kick it up a notch and learn about U.S. craft breweries then pick up this card game that features a brewery on each card plus a thought provoking question.

For the Dad that Conducts experimentsSonic Foamer

If you want to experiment with your beer then the Sonic Foamer might be the right beer gadget. Set your shaker pint onto the device. Then hit a button to create a brand new head of foam and lots of bubbles in your beer.

For the Dad Who is a ClumsySilicone wine glasses

Most beer fans have plenty of glassware but what if dear old dad is clumsy? Get him some silicone glasses that bend but do not break and have a nice tulip shape without the stem.

Your Beer of the Week is Grandpa Tractor from Barley Forge. Before Dad there was Grandpa, and he may like a really old fashioned beer from the Old Country via Costa Mesa’s Barley Forge Brewing. Dortmunder Export is a cousin to Pilsner with noble hops and a bit of a salty twang to it. You can find it on tap or in bottles.

If you missed The Oinkster‘s epic Burger Week 2015, you have a chance at redemption. The Eagle Rock Brewery Public House will play impartial host to a burger battle royale on (you guessed it) Father’s Day. In one corner will be truck turned brick and mortar Grill ‘em All and in the other will be The Oinkster. Each will prepare a special burger for the contest. Whichever burger wins the showdown will be on the menu of the loser’s restaurant. Oh, and Eagle Rock beer will be flowing.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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