Clyde Common: Acing Crafted Cocktails in Portland [CLOSED]

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Clyde Common cocktails are consistently high on the hog

A restaurant with a pig diagram logo commands attention. Clyde Common has that covered. The Ace Hotel-adjacent establishment also has a reputation for producing some of the best market-driven cuisine in Portland. Two months ago, they snagged one more reason to brag: Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a long-time Eugene bartender who’s built a name for himself in the blogosphere due to his pinpoint cocktail knowledge. Now he’s manning the bar at Clyde Common, and on this overcast afternoon, delivered several well-balanced classics.

Several friends clarified that Clyde Common already had an impressive cocktail program before Morgenthaler ever stepped behind their bar. Given the blackboard menu, that’s no doubt true. Look no further than their varied Bourbon, Rye and Tennessee Whiskey selection.

Cocktail Portland

Morgenthaler started me with an Old Fashioned, a refreshing cocktail served on the rocks with 1998 Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon, orange peel and premium ice.

Cocktail Portland

Matt Milletto, my food and drink guide for the day, started with a cocktail made with Martin Miller’s Gin, aromatic lemon peel, simple syrup and Aperol, a herbaceous Italian aperitif with hints of citrus.

Cocktails Portland

Daiquiris tend to be sickly sweet, but not when Morgenthaler makes one. The subtly sweet yellow cocktail incorporated Appleton Estate V/X. In back, you’ll find a Blue Moon made with Aviator Gin, Curacao and lemon peel.

Clyde Common delivered an exceptional cocktail experience. Given their commitment to cocktail quality, it’s clearly worth trying the food next time.


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