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One of the downsides to a land of beer plenty, (yes, there is one or two) is that we lose contact with the craft beer flagships of yore that still grace beer shop shelves.

To remedy that situation, here are some craft beer flagships, classics that you should try again.

Widmer Brothers Brewing Hefeweizen – Is it an authentic hefe? No, but this is a solid wheat beer that may seem quaint because it isn’t tarted up with fruit or other ingredients but still deserves a taste now and then.

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale –  An almost old-fashioned pale.  It was probably deemed too bitter when introduced in cans back in 2002, but this is a great woodsy pale that is truer to style than many pales masquerading as IPAs.

North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin – I remember when this beer was all the rage.  Hard to come by and one of the first and probably still best beers to use in a beer float.  Love that the Russian phrase on the label translates to, “A sincere friend is not born instantly.”

Anchor Steam Beer – This beer was first bottled (in modern times) way back in 1971.  I was 1.  And though Anchor has released a new IPA and a new Saison, you just can’t go wrong with this malt-ful hybrid beer.  It’s California beer history both old and new in one glass.

Your Beer of the Week is actually a line of beers from one brewery.  Tahoe Mountain Brewing to be precise. Récolte Du Bois or Harvest of the Wood is a series of barrel-aged beers and Saisons that are new to L.A.  You can either sample the peach saison or the sage version, or both!

Your Homework is to sign up NOW for the L.A. Beer Week newsletter on the newly revamped website for all news and ticket information for #LABW6.  Which will be from September 20-28.  Aside from Food GPS, this is the spot to check to maximize your enjoyment of all things L.A. craft beer.


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