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Beer Cocktails

Radlers & Shandies

When the thermometer seems to never stop rising and the A/C always seems to be on, it is time to try something new and this year the hip hot weather beer is only partially...
Beer Truck

Classic Craft Beer Flagships

One of the downsides to a land of beer plenty, (yes, there is one or two) is that we lose contact with the beers of yore that still grace beer shop shelves. To remedy...
Craft Beer Orange County

Heading to the Barley Forge

In the last two months, I have spoken with and tasted the beers from many breweries that are in the “fermenting” stage here in Los Angeles. It has made my job both harder and...
Craft Beer Portland

Interview: brewer Ben Dobler (Widmer Brothers Brewing)

It wasn’t quite a given that Portland native Ben Dobler would work with beer for a living, but his uncle was brewmaster at BridgePort Brewing Company got his 19-year-old nephew a job on the...
Craft Beer Oregon

The Oregon (Beer) Trail

Yours truly is heading to the mammoth beer event that is the Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF). As you read this, I will be recovering from my revelry of choosing and sampling beer from a...