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Golden Bird Soda

Zelma Stennis, who found success with the Chicken Roost in her native Detroit, debuted Golden Bird in Los Angeles in 1953 and built her concept into a fried chicken powerhouse. The remaining three branches...
Soul Food Los Angeles

Flossie’s: Making Mississippi Soul in the South Bay [CLOSED]

Flossie’s exterior doesn’t look like much, with a spare sign and a Yukon Square strip mall location that adjoins a liquor store and laundromat. However, Sandra Foster and late mother Flossie transformed the Torrance...
Restaurant Charleston

Ernie’s: Bringing Soul Food to a Charleston Side Street [CLOSED]

Between Christmas and New Year’s in Charleston, a number of restaurants shut down for the holidays, but more than enough stalwarts persevere, continuing to produce satisfying food for locals and tourists alike. Ernie’s is...
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Grant’s: Soul Food With Deep Roots in South L.A. [CLOSED]

Economic downturns have the power to change lives. Some people get pulled under the punishing financial waves, unable to cope with their flagging industries. However, other people manage to dig deep, relying on grit...
Restaurant Los Angeles
Restaurant Sign Charleston

Kitty’s Fine Foods: Classic Charleston Soul Food [CLOSED]

A faded Coca-Cola sign greeted us at Kitty’s Fine Foods on an industrial stretch of town, across from the International Longshoremen’s Association and down the street from the Port of Charleston. Feline figurines and...