Fried Chicken Los Angeles

Top Restaurant Crispy Fried Chicken

My brother-in-law Spencer mentioned the fried chicken at Top Restaurant many times, but I never had a reason to visit this east Pasadena strip mall. Somehow the stars aligned for a family dinner at...
Fried Chicken Los Angeles

Wong Java House Ayam Penyet [CLOSED]

To say that fried chicken is one of my favorite foods is an understatement. Every chance I get to try a new version, there’s pretty much never a red light. Still, it took a...
Indonesian Food Los Angeles

Java Spice: Sizzling Indonesian Food in Rowland Heights

The San Gabriel Valley has become synonymous with Chinese food, but the sprawling sun-scorched lowlands feature plenty of other enticing Asian options. For example, writer Linda Burum recently guided me to a Rowland Heights...
Indonesian Restaurant Orange County

Warung Pojok: Indonesian Corner Cafe in Garden Grove [CLOSED]

Jakarta native Erisa Bong opened this Indonesian corner (pojok) café (warung) on August 1 with chef/aunt Ibu Ginting, who hails from Sumatra. The former Chinese restaurant is situated in a Garden Grove strip mall,...
Indonesian Restaurant Los Angeles

Satay Fong: Indonesian Skewers in West Covina Food Court [CLOSED]

In Asian cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, food courts (which go by several names, including hawker centres) often have some of the most exhilarating food, at consistently low prices. In America, food courts...
Indonesian Food Los Angeles

Pondok Kaki Lima: Vivid Indonesian Food Behind Motel [CLOSED]

I’ve eaten some great meals in unlikely locations. Hell, the best ceviche of my life came from a blue truck in a freeway-adjacent city park. Still, Pondok Kaki Lima, an open-air Indonesian market that...