Candy Store

Chocolate San Francisco

XOX Truffles: French-Accented Chocolates in San Francisco

The XOX Truffles motto: “Created with a French attitude…handmade in the USA…taste out of this world.” Sounds about right. Jean-Marc Gorce, formerly with Fringale, opened this truffle shop with his wife Casimira on October...
Ice Cream Bakersfield

Dewar’s Candy Shop: Classic Bakersfield Desserts and Decor

Allison and I had just completed a 13-plate family-style Basque meal at Noriega Hotel, but we’d never been to Bakersfield before, and we didn’t know when we’d return, so we weren’t leaving town before...
Chocolate Factory Sign Berkeley

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory Tour [CLOSED]

Scharffen Berger‘s chocolate factory building dates to 1906, the year of the mammoth Bay Area quake. Smartly, the factory was built soundly, surrounded on all sides by a yard-thick brick wall, so it sustained...