Bun Bo Nam Bo: Tracking Beef Vermicelli Bowls in Ha Noi

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Restaurant Ha Noi

I rode on a cyclo to Bun Bo Nam Bo, a tiny, picnic table filled restaurant with a wall-mounted menu that lists only four items.

As with many restaurants in Vietnam, what they list and what they have can be very different things.

Vietnamese Food Ha Noi
The table told more tales. Still, I was happy with two dishes I got: bun bo and gio.

Vietnamese Food Ha Noi
Bun bo is a bowl of rice vermicelli topped with shredded lettuce, grilled beef, sprouts, toasted peanuts, fried shallots, and marinated slices of green papaya. It came with a side of red chili sauce spiked with orange juice, sugar and garlic. This made for a terrific (and healthy) one dish meal. The bun bo set me back 15000 Dong, less than $1.

Vietnamese Food Ha Noi
I also got a six pack of gio, rubber-banded banana leaves filled with cigars of glass noodle-fused pork pate, springy and vinegar-laced. Good stuff, and they cost 2000 Dong apiece, about 10 cents.


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