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Barrels are starting to pay dividends for Bruery Terreux, the “earthy brewery” from The Bruery that recently rolled out in Orange County. On June 7, The Bruery’s Director of Marketing Benjamin Weiss brought three different bottles to Taste of the Nation Los Angeles, including Filmishmish, a tart apricot sour that registered 5.6% ABV and tasted fantastic in the charitable Culver City sun.

According to Weiss, “Like most of the beers that will come out of Bruery Terreux, the inspiration lies in the past. We’re in love with the flavors of the traditional sour ales from Belgium and we’re doing our best to take the groundwork laid hundreds of years ago and turning it into something of our own. Filmishmish uses our sour blonde ale base that we age in used wine barrels and we then add a heaping amount of pureed apricots to the beer before we ready it for packaging. The find that the tart notes from the lactic bacteria in the beer blends wonderfully with the acid and sweetness of apricots.” I would have gladly downed a whole 750ml bottle on my own, though that would have deprived other eventgoers.

The craft beer’s name is an Arabic term that translates as “when the apricots bloom,” which is apparently a rare occasion indeed, more or less the equivalent of “when pigs fly.” Hopefully Bruery Terreux doesn’t just brew Filmishmish…filmishmish…because a beer this good deserves drinking, though I’ll settle for a spring release each year.


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