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The Bruery‘s new half has been open now for under a month, but the knowledge from their first taproom seems to have transferred seamlessly much like the wort that gets delivered to the barrels and foudres at Bruery Terreux.

Yes, the wild side really should be spelled Terruex to match the Bruery, but when the beer is this good and there is so much to choose from, it doesn’t matter one bit.

To clarify, there is zero brewing going on at Terreux. Down the road in Placentia, wort is made and then tankered over to Anaheim where it get dosed with yeasts and fruits and spices and all manner of ingredients. Two towering foudres hold their Berliner Weisse, Frucht and the other foudre holds their raspberry beer, Beret. Then there are barrels. They are everywhere. Stacked from floor to ceiling and all of them barcoded.

You can see the puncheons and other smaller barrels from the inside of the tasting room where a vast selection of beers await from wits to stouts to saisons and all manner of sour ales. I sampled both of the fruited Berliner Weisses, Apricot and Yumberry. The latter was a beautiful shade of pink and was a bit more bold than the Apricot.

My favorite beers on the day were the collaboration with Jester King, Imperial Cabinet, which is a sloe gin fizz inspired beer. The beer was spice-filled and just different even from the exaggerated creations that you can find on tap. Smaak Wit with spices and orange zest, which is barrel-aged, was a lively spritzer of a beer with a Mimosa-esque feel to it.

I strongly suggest doing tasters. They range in price from $1 to $3.50 and this is the best way to sample all the new beers that they have (plus old favorites). Food trucks roll up to the outdoor order counter, so you can enjoy the bright, hot sun under the shade of misters on the patio if you so desire.

It is well worth the drive on the 91 freeway, and since you are there you can also visit the original tap room.

From our state’s capital comes the Beer of the Week. Track 7 Brewing bottles and cans are showing up here in Los Angeles and in this broiling weather, the Bee Line Blonde is the way to go. This honey-ed blonde is a mix of Munich and Vienna malts where the star of the show is Sacramento-area wildflower honey which is added to the kettle to give Bee Line a dry finish. A perfectly sessionable beer.

The Homework is to head over to Long Beach and Beachwood BBQ & Brewing tonight (short notice, I know) for the Los Angeles debut of Chicago’s famed Half Acre Beer Company. This 2nd City favorite produces the much lauded Daisy Cutter Hoppy Pale Ale (though I like their Pony Pilsner more) and will also be bringing their Akira Shotgun American Wheat Ale, Navaja DIPA and Get Right Kolsch.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

Address: 1174 North Grove Street, Anaheim, CA 92806

Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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