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A simple white on black logo represents BoHo's bohemian aesthetic.

Additional photography from Matthew Kang.

On March 5, BoHo, the brainchild of designer Kristofer Keith, owner Adolfo Suaya, and chef/co-owner Andre Guerrero of Max Bistro and The Oinkster, opened to a quiet media crowd. The sweeping space on the corner of Cahuenga and Sunset Blvd formerly occupied by Charcoal was intentionally designed as a comfortable alternative to the scenier spots in the area.

Sundry items

Decor was pulled from various thrift shops and antique stores, with the hodgepodge of living room-type furniture occupying the main dining room and sundry items hanging along the back wall above dark leather booths. A square bar with a wide distribution offered cocktails, wines, and a special list of draft beers compiled by the folks behind Verdugo Bar.

Beers The bar

Unfortunately, the ambitious menu from Chef Guerrero wasn’t available that night. Instead of more interesting menu highlights such as burrata, roasted bone marrow, tripe stew and baked oxtails, we had various pizzas with toppings such as pepperoni and eggplant. The pizza was acceptably good, though nothing that would turn heads in a town that’s already enamored with Pizzeria Mozza’s excellent pies. We were offered some beers and I had a pint of the Deans Bros ESB, a malty rich beer with gentle hops.
BoHo Menu 1 BoHo Menu 2

The space has good potential to draw a healthy crowd from the Arclight and Cahuenga venues. The food is approachable and should be reasonably priced compared to other choices in the area. The beers aren’t a superb deal at around $8 a pint, but where else can you get a selection like this in this part of town? Actually, Blue Palms Brewhouse has some fantastic brews but it may not have the market-driven comfort food of BoHo, or the comfortable but richly textured bohemian ambiance.
Server & Pizza Booths & Banquettes

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I love the look of the place. Can’t wait to check it out. I eat a Max quite often (love the Angus burger and chicken pate’).

: )

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