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A Matter of Service

Anyone who dines out knows that your final opinion about a place is so much more dependent on the kind of service you receive than the actual food on the plate. Unless you have...
Coffee App

LA’s Best Coffee App Review

Finding a good cup o’ Joe in L.A. is increasingly easier these days, with Intelligentsia’s nearly 4 year expansion into the City of Angels marking the city’s first major foray into the newest trend...
Coffee Brewer

The Minimalist’s Coffee Brewer

The response to my previous post about doing good pourover coffee received pretty good attention, but I’ve still heard people say that it’s too tedious, and all of the equipment is expensive. I might...
Coffee Los Angeles

What’s the Meaning of Iota as a Coffeehouse and Cafe?

Koreatown has been a hotbed of coffeehouses and cafés for a good number of years, fueled mainly by the old Korean pastime of loitering in nicely designed spaces and drinking overpriced, water-downed coffee mixed...
Food Writer Los Angeles

Seeing Similarities between Wine-Growing and Coffee-Growing

The more I try and read about wine-growing methods and vinification, the more I realize just how difficult it is to produce a great wine. The entire science has spawned schools, such as the...
Coffee Los Angeles

Making Los Angeles a Better Coffee City, One Cup at a Time

L.A.’s coffee scene didn’t just explode because a big-time roaster like Intelligentsia planted its feet here in August 2007. After nearly four years, it seems that companies like Four Barrel, Stumptown, Blue Bottle, Victrola,...