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Blue Bonnet Cafe serves a wide variety of comfort foods, but pie stands out.

My father, brother and I capped four consecutive barbecue lunches in Texas with a pie stop in Marble Falls. Blue Bonnet Cafe is named for a local flower that lines Hill Country roads in the spring. The restaurant has been open since 1929, and 1946 at the current address. John and Belinda Kemper currently own Blue Bonnet Cafe, and yes, they offer Pie Happy Hour. We were clearly in the right place.

Pie Texas

A slice of home-baked pie costs $2.75. Most Blue Bonnet Cafe pies involve cream or high-top meringue.

Pie Texas

Peanut Butter Cream featured crumbled peanuts and a dish of chocolate sauce. Peanut butter flavor was distinct.

Pie Texas

My brother showed interest in fudge pie until our waitress revealed it’s just a brownie on pie crust. In light of the revelation, he selected Chocolate Cream, which was semi sweet and dusted with cocoa powder.

Pie Texas

Coconut Cream pie sported toasted coconut shavings.

Pie Texas

We clearly didn’t need a fourth slice, but in the interest of research, we ordered one non-cream pie: apple. The firm crust was cinnamon pocked and contained sweet baked apple strips.

I’ve eaten better pie in Texas Hill Country, but Blue Bonnet Cafe definitely delivered a sweet ending to our gluttonous day-trip.


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We visited here many years ago, we loved it then and love it now. We always return to the Blue Bonnet Cafe and never, never disappointed. So good. A must. Small town atmosphere and gooooood food.

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