BLD Waves Goodbye to Summer with Alcohol-Spiked Milkshakes

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BLD brings unique twists to their Mid-City milkshakes. [Andrea Wyner]

Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll Fraser mark the end of summer with a special Milkshake Menu on September 21 at their Mid-City restaurant, BLD. From 5 – 10PM, expect several different milkshakes, available both alcoholic and virgin. Flavors will include caramel milkshake (with or without a shot of tequila), chocolate oatmeal stout (Jack Daniel’s optional), blueberry malted (amaretto recommended), roasted banana Nutella (plus or minus Frangelico) and raspberry mango freeze (Grand Marnier capable). The milkshakes cost $6-10.


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like 25Deg’s Guiness Shake…

Didn’t know about 25 Degree’s alcoholic shakes, but they’re not the first restaurant to combine ice cream and alcohol. It’s already been a popular trend in San Diego.

like liquid Scoops.

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