Black’s Barbecue: Judges, Jackalopes + 8-Day Weeks in Lockhart

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Barbecue Texas

Black's isn't the highest profile Lockhart barbecue parlor, but may be the best.

Black’s Barbecue is the oldest barbecue house in Texas that’s been continually operated by the same family. The Black reign dates to 1932. Considering their family includes a CPA, I don’t quite know what to make of their 8 days a week claim, but it worked for the Beatles. And it worked for our fourth lunch stop of the day.

As in most central Texas barbecue establishments, pitmen access smokers using a weighted pulley system. Red brick houses black smokers. A pitman waits for the next order, wielding a cleaver and a knife.

Barbecue Texas

People pile into the dining room, which houses wall-to-wall wood and red and white checked tablecloths. The owners display a photo of Judge Edgar Black with LBJ, from a time the President visited Lockhart.

Barbecue Menu Texas

Smoked meats are available by weight, part, in sandwiches, or in the case of sausage, per ring.

Barbecue Texas

We ordered one sausage link, brisket, pork ribs, pork loin, and a dish of house barbecue sauce. The sausage was coarse and peppery, very good, but a tad too greasy. Brisket was slightly fatty, but that translated into unbelievable flavor, and we were able to cut it with a fork. Pork ribs had nice chew, and the pork loin, available weekends only, had gamy tenderness. Overall, the meats were solid.

Jackalope Texas

The jackalope is a leading by-product of Texas taxidermy trickery.

Taxidermy Texas

Multi-point buck heads aren’t for sale; Black family members killed these prized animals, but if you want a taxidermied jackalope head, they’ll gladly ring it up at the register.

Black’s Barbecue: Judges, Jackalopes + 8-Day Weeks in Lockhart


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