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Is there a more fortuitous time for a flower-focused coffeehouse to open than the day before Valentine’s Day? Silbia Lee worked as a florist in Korea and packaged six years of Seattle barista experience, opening Bia Coffee with business partner Moses Choi in Koreatown.

The glass-fronted space features grey walls, wood tables and counter, and stools chairs that resemble sea urchins. Klatch coffee beans help to fuel a Nuova Simonelli two-group espresso machine and cold brew. Really, though, it’s Lee’s creative rose and lavender drinks that star.

The coffee bar’s signature Bia Latte ($5.40) utilizes a choice of house-made lavender, rose or vanilla syrup. Depending on your mood, and the weather, hot and cold preparations are possible. I opted for a cold lavender latte featuring distinct layers of lavender syrup, whole milk and espresso served over ice and garnished with floral culinary-grade lavender and acai powder. Stir to integrate and balance the flavors.

Address: 3907 W 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Bia Coffee Bia Latte (Drink of the Week)

3907 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020, USA

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Love coming across new, and unique takes on classic staples in the food and drink industry. These sound absolutely intriguing. Wonder if they’ll start to delve into baked goods that feature edible flowers as well. Great find.

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