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Craft Beer San Francisco

Beer has been a key element in Food GPS coverage since 2008, and music has been a constant throughout my life. Why not combine the two? These songs all feature beer references. Some songs are classics, others more obscure, a couple, kind of awful. No surprise, most songs are country, since that’s a crowd legendary for drowning sorrows. Thanks to key recommendations from musically inclined friends like John Schulian and Randy Clemens. Enjoy memorable lyrics and YouTube clips (complete with time cues, as needed) from these 12 often entertaining, sometimes corny beer songs.

Song names appear in alphabetical order instead of in order of preference.

“Beer” by Reel Big Fish (0:37)

Standout Lyrics:

If I get drunk well, I’ll pass out on the floor now baby
You won’t bother me no more
And if you’re drinkin’ well
You know that you’re my friend
And I say, “I think, I’ll have myself a beer”

“Beer” by Three Loco, featuring Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty & Riff Raff (2:27)

Standout Lyrics:

Allagash, Miller Lite
Heineken, up all night
Blue Moon, Speckled Hen
Sol, Sol Mexican
Half Hahn, halve Guinness
Black and Tan, are you with it?

“Beer Run” by Todd Snider

Standout Lyrics:

B-double E double R U-N beer run
All we need is a ten and five-er,
a car and key and a sober driver.
B-double E double R U-N beer run

“The Beer Song” by Weird Al Yankovic


Standout Lyrics:

I can kiss and hug it (beer)
But I’d rather chug it (beer)

“Bubbles in My Beer” by Willie Nelson (originally recorded by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys) (0:32)

Standout Lyrics:

I’m seeing a road that I’ve traveled
A road filled with hearthaches and tears
And I’m seeing the past, that I’ve wasted
Watchin’ The Bubbles In My Beer

“Did I Shave My Legs for This?” by Deanna Carter (0:31)

Standout Lyrics:

I bought these new heels,
did my nails, had my hair done just right.
I thought this new dress was a sure bet
for romance tonight.
Well it’s perfectly clear,
between the TV and beer,
I won’t get so much as a kiss.

“Gimme A Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer” by Bessie Smith (0:49)

Standout Lyrics:

Old Hannah Brown from ‘cross town gets full of corn and starts breakin’ ’em down
Just at the break of day you can hear old Hannah say,
“Gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer”



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