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Restaurant Bangkok

After a week in Bangkok, I was down to my final meal. And I didn’t want to waste it. Unfortunately, the chef at my top choice decided to close his restaurant early. My second choice was closed for renovations. In a strange twist, I ended up eating 50 meters from my hotel, at Baan Khanitha, a restaurant/gallery which I must have walked past 40 times over the previous week. Dinner turned out to be one of my better meals in Thailand.

Restaurant Bangkok
The restaurant occupied two deluxe levels, with a gorgeous patio and paintings lining the walls, all for sale. Baan Khanitha is half gallery.

Thai Food Bangkok
I savored one more version of Bangkok’s favorite starter, miang kam: piper leaves with pieces of lime, ginger, shallots, dried shrimp, peanuts, jalapenos and shredded coconut with a sweet brown sauce. It tasted good, but so did every other version I ate. Restaurants in Bangkok use nearly identical ingredients. Only the presentation varies.

Thai Food Bangkok
Spicy pomelo salad was a dish I became fond of during my stay in Thailand, a salad with no greens that revolves around the explosive yellow juice sacks from a pomelo fruit. Baan Khanitha prepared the best version I ate all trip: pomelo with shredded chicken, prawns, shredded coconut and chopped peanuts (160 Baht, $4 U.S.).

Thai Food Bangkok
I finally got around to ordering pad see iew (140 Baht). The crusty pan-fried rice noodles came with Chinese broccoli, tender slices of squid, crusty nubs of sea bass, fresh shrimp, baby corn and celery, all mixed with soy sauce. The dish was light and tasty.

Thai Food Bangkok
For dessert, I ordered taro, pumpkin and green bean dumplings in coconut milk (80 Baht). The colors of the little glutinous rice dumplings matched the flavors. Taro was purple, pumpkin orange, and green bean dumplings, green. Inside each dumpling was a corresponding ooze. Each flavor was distinctive. The coconut milk could have been thicker, but I still enjoyed the dessert.

Boy Gesada, supervisor of the three restaurant Baan Khanitha empire, has been with the company all five years. He spends two nights a week at each restaurant: the Baan Khanitha I ate at, on Ruam Rudee; Baan Khanitha in Sukhumvit; and Curries & More, an Asian fusion restaurant down Ruam Rudee. The Ruam Rudee branch is closing its doors on August 9 and relocating to near Sukhothai Hotel. The art is joining the move.

Address: 36/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok 10110

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