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Matthew Kaner

Sommelier Los Angeles

CUT the Foil, Dana Farner Dares You

Wolfgang Puck owns Spago. He also owns other restaurants, too. Dana Farner is the Beverage Director of CUT Beverly Hills and sidebar, both in the Wolfgang Puck umbrella. There’s a legacy to uphold, and...
Wine Advice

Tax Return = Drink Time

Today I was surprised to find that two days earlier than expected the Federal Government had direct deposited my Federal Tax Return, thanks Uncle Sam! And like the good little consumer that I am,...
Wine Arizona

Maynard James Keenan: The Rising Wine Star

Maynard James Keenan is the kind of guy who loves what he’s doing. He’s a do-er. He’s a maker. As a kid he loved to sculpt clay and attributes that dexterity and focus to...
Wine Santa Barbara

Saarloos & Sons: Big Saar and Big Larr (Part 2)

Around Silverlake Wine, Keith and Larry Saarloos are affectionately known as Big Saar and Big Larr, respectively. Their personalities and their drive to accomplish say it all. When they first purchased the property that...
Wine Expert Los Angeles

Virtual Memory & Wine

“What was that great wine I had last night at Lucques?” “A friend of mine poured an amazing Malbec at their party last night and I can’t remember what it was. Do you carry...
Wine Expert Los Angeles

Introducing Saarloos & Sons Vineyard and Winery (Part 1)

I’m from Santa Barbara. I lived in Santa Barbara for a long time before I worked in the wine industry there, but I always knew there was something special not far away in “the...