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Chef William Bradley’s buttery puff pastry contains slow-braised beef and mushrooms and rests in rich Bordelaise.

Several dishes from Chef William Bradley’s dinner at Addison, the marquee restaurant on the grounds of The Grand Del Mar resort could have qualified as my Food of the Week. Bradley’s Alaskan King crab meat, resting in a pool of passion fruit, coconut and vanilla bean sauce, topped with a crispy kombu dusted shrimp chip, could have easily qualified. So could his Steamed Dumpling, a gold dusted riff on what he experienced earlier in the week at Din Tai Fung in Costa. Still, Addison’s Pithivier Hiver was particularly outstanding.

Pithivier Hiver is a pie baked in the tradition of Pithiviers, a small town in north central France. Bradley’s buttery, egg-brushed puff pastry sported a decorative dome and contained slow-braised Wagyu oxtail meat, beef cheek and shitake mushrooms. It wouldn’t have surprised me if the pastry were crafted from double rainbows and childhood dreams. Bonus: Bradley anchored his Pithivier to the plate in a sticky pool of sauce Bordelaise, made using red wine, butter, beef essence and shallots. Another chef could have easily built a meal around this dish, but for Bradley, the Pithivier was just part of a rotating hit parade.

Note: The Grand Del Mar hosted me at Addison as part of a group media dinner.


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