5 Great San Fernando Valley Dishes

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Top of Topanga Overlook faces the West Valley, Warner Center and Santa Susana Mountains.

The San Fernando Valley is frequently a punchline, but it’s clear that L.A.’s awkward, less attractive sibling offers plenty of great eating. Learn about five great San Fernando Valley dishes that justify driving over the hill.

Brent’s Deli – Northridge – Black Pastrami Reuben

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Brent’s Deli and Langer’s both have their supporters for L.A.’s top deli. It’s certainly no worse than #2 on my shortlist (two delis long), and is without a doubt worth a trip to the heart of the West Valley. The Black Pastrami Reuben is served on grilled rye with melted Swiss, hot sauerkraut and Russian dressing. The thin-sliced pile of beef is lean, subtly spicy and accoutrements help to create an incredible balance. Brent’s Reuben comes with definitive containers of cole slaw and potato salad.

Bua Siam – North Hollywood – Thai Spaghetti with Bay Leaf Stew

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Don’t let the dingy North Hollywood strip mall dissuade you. Bua Siam serves some of the most compelling northern Thai food in Los Angeles. Just like at Jitlada and a couple other top Thai restaurants in town, the most compelling dishes are listed on the back of Bua Siam’s menu. Thai Spaghetti with Bay Leaf Stew, one of my longtime favorites, features rice noodles blanketed with chopped greens, cinnamon-like cassia buds and a mildly spicy curry broth.



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The valley is an under-appreciated culinary hotbed, although I don’t get there as often as I’d like. That Thai spaghetti looks like it could easily become one of my favorite dishes.

Speaking of Boneyard, just the other day I had the best patty melt of my life there for $20. I still dream about it.

Well, at the Boneyard Bistro, the Jambalaya risotto that accompanies the catfish entree is worthy of your list. Also, the shrimp entree is very high on my list.
Also, that goat cheese relleno at Senor Fred is really good – had it again last night as accompaniment to a very tasty lamb shank.
And the short ribs at Max are also really good.

There are a lot more than five great dishes in the Valley. This is just a starting point.

Boneyard is about to get a full-scale review. Unfortunately, I haven’t had their jambalaya, catfish or shrimp.

That goat cheese relleno sounds good. Definitely want to get to Senor Fred after your rave review.

yum, I’ve had three of five, need to get the other two.

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