10 Top Los Angeles Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles

The fillings and bread vary, but the effect is often the same. A great breakfast sandwich provides a comforting base for the day and contributes plenty of calories to fuel productivity. Learn about 10 Top Los Angeles Breakfast Sandwiches that span the city.

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Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference. Establishments also appear in alphabetical order instead of in order of preference.

1. Baco Mercat: Chef Josef Centeno built the restaurant around his bäco, a folded-over flatbread sandwich. Yes, they offer a breakfast bäco during Saturday’s Hair of the Dog Brunch that touts chorizo and egg, but I prefer the lunchtime variation with a breakfast feel, the Toron ($12). A supple flatbread with a blistered base cradles juicy pulled oxtail, which forms a patty. Chef Centeno pairs them with a crispy hash brown “tater” patty and balances fillings with sprouts, arugula and mesclun mix, spicy orange aioli, pickle and cheddar.

Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles

At Neal and Amy Fraser’s three-square establishment in Mid-City, they feature a Fried Egg Sandwich ($13). Toasted sourdough sandwiches smoky, thick-cut Nueske bacon, Gruyère cheese, a judicious amount of aioli and a runny fried egg. Choice of potatoes includes my pick, olive oil roasted fingerlings.

Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles
3. Clementine: At chef Annie Miler’s Century City café, Clementine Breakfast Sandwich ($7.95) comes on a flaky, oversized biscuit with a runny poached egg that’s molded into a disc, melted cheddar and savory Tennessee country ham.

Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles
4. Cuscatleca Bakery: This Echo Park bakery, named for a city in El Salvador, does sell an American-style Breakfast Sandwich, but I’d suggest the Torta de Frijoles ($3.50) with soft bollilo-like pan Frances, refried beans, firm slab of savory queso fresco, creamy avocado and spicy jalapeno with a choice of banana chips or balsamic-doused side salad. Add “scrambled eggs” (a folded over omelet) for $1, and homefries for a buck more.

Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles
5. Egg Slut: Truck-meister Alvin Cailan has gained a loyal following in West Hollywood and the downtown Arts District thanks to egg-centric offerings like the Fairfax ($6) soft scrambled eggs, Tillamook cheddar, chives, caramelized onions and Sriracha mayo on buttery brioche bun.



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