Week in Pictures: Brew Urban Cafe, Carmellini, Chistorra, The Dutch + More

Pie Miami

November 25, 2011 - New York imports tend to predominate on Miami Beach, with concepts like Scarpetta and Shake Shack. The latest addition to the W is The Dutch, from lauded Manhattan-based chef Andrew Carmellini. His pastry chef, Josh Gripper, produced exemplary pies at our lunch, including lime with Graham cracker crust, lime zest, Maldon sea salt, whipped cream, guava sorbet and passion fruit sauce.

Every week involves a seemingly continuous stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Discover highlights from November 21 – 27, 2011, some of which will help to fuel full posts.

Candy Bar Miami

November 24, 2011 – My first stop in Miami was on Thanksgiving morning at a Cuban institution called El Palacio de los Jugos, which started as a juice stand 40 years ago and now touts a number of distinct options throughout the compound. Near the register, they keep a great impulse buy, their peanut bar, which had me licking the roof of my mouth like a dog.

Spanish Food Miami

November 25, 2011 – Finally! That’s the English translation for Por Fin, a grand Spanish-inspired restaurant from Carlos Centurion on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, which produces dishes like cider braised chistorra, a thin Basque sausage that they serve with crostini.

Pizza Miami

November 26, 2011Harry’s Pizzeria is the latest concept in Miami’s Design District from chef Michael Schwartz, he of Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. He uses red oak to fuel the brick oven that produces his thin-crust pizzas.

Pet Pig Florida

November 27, 2011 – My friend Brad is a tad bit eccentric, a fact that he further proved by buying a pig and naming her Koshi Hamstein. That’s Koshi, as in Kosher. We met at his fenced-in backyard, where Koshi was much more interested in Cheerios than petting.

Coffee Fort Lauderdale

November 27, 2011Brew Urban Cafe was a breakthrough stop in my South Florida specialty coffee education. The Old Fort Lauderdale coffeehouse delivered good Intelligentsia espresso and cold brew, and the owner of a new Miami coffee roastery happened to be in the building as well.


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