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Uniformity can lead to consistent results, but can also be boring, which is why I appreciate what Bobby Roshan is doing with Café Demitasse. Each cafe has a different design and different specialty beverages. Now, they’re running a daytime specialty coffee bar at Wallflower, a stylish Indonesian restaurant from local architect Dustin Miles and Sumatra native Harryson Tobing on an increasingly fashionable stretch of Rose Avenue in Venice.

Instead of just dropping a standard espresso bar menu into this airy, planter-lined space with battleship paintings, Roshan collaborated with Tobing on a signature Five-Spice Cappuccino ($5) that nods to his Asian heritage. Tobing grinds five-spice in-house with Ceylon cinnamon, clove, Coriander, star anise and Szechuan peppercorns. The five-spice forms a syrup, which Demitasse baristas shake with whole milk, espresso and ice, forming a frothy, refreshing drink that arrives in a curvy coupe with a dusting of aromatic Ceylon cinnamon.

Address: 609 Rose Avenue Venice, CA, 90291 213 373 6609

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