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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Back in the day, the L.A. Beer Blast would have been really short and without the wide spectrum of beers that you see today. Now the Los Angeles craft beer world is expanding larger and larger and I would like to welcome three newcomers to the ranks.

First up is Steingarten LA. They have only been open since early March but they are already serving up great food along with an eclectic beer list drawn up by David Watrous, who knows his beer very well. You can bet local California breweries will be well represented on tap and will go well with the sausages (elk, bison, rabbit among others) and hamburgers on the food side. There will also be a bottled list to choose from as well.

Second on the list is Public School 612 which is adjacent and related to Daily Grill. This Flower Street spot has craft beer selected by beer consultant Hallie Beaune of Beer Chicks fame. Their press release details the theme of PS612: “The menu, presented in the form of a black and white composition notebook, is divided into several categories including American History, Study Abroad, Study Group, Recess and School Spirits among others. With a comprehensive drink selection, guests are invited to ask their bartender about specific beer pairings with menu items.” Thanks to Dave Isser for pointing PS612 out to me.

Lastly, there is the third iteration of Lucky Baldwin’s Trappiste Pub on the eastern side of Pasadena. 65 taps that were installed by Craftsman Brewing’s Mark Jilg grace the bar. You get the familiar mix of Belgian and English beers along with some Russian River and Stone brews thrown in. This version is the airy and open with a beautiful picturesque bar. As well as some tremendously large TV sets. Perfect for watching soccer on.

For the craft beer of the week, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a brew from Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon. The beer’s full name is ReNEWale – Mason’s Irish Style Red Ale. It pours a brownish orange with a nice mixture of hop bitterness and cereal grains on the palate. There is an almost lemony hoppiness evident in the background. It comes in a 22oz bomber so you can toast to Irish beer culture with a friend. Slainte!

Your homework this week is to buy your tickets for the first ColLAboration event in Burbank on April 9th. This event celebrates two special things. First is the one-year anniversary of Tony’s Darts Away and second is the initial ColLAboration beer garden. Here is the important information from their website: “$10 gets you a large Tony’s Darts Away/ColLAb glass that will also serve as your admission and all-day drinking glass (for all other future ColLAb events as well!); beers will be $5 to $6. Glasses will be available for purchase starting in March at Tony’s Darts Away, Verdugo Bar, Blue Palms, 38 Degrees and The Surly Goat.”


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