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Coffee Los Angeles

Smith & Tait Turmeric Spice Latte (Drink of the Week)

No longer must neighborhoods make due with one specialty coffee bar. Quality coffee has proliferated to the point where we’re seeing variety of size, scope, and design. West Hollywood now has room for larger,...
Pork Chops Los Angeles

Mardi Pork Chops (Dose of Vitamin P)

Pork chops, as in more than one? This must be a misprint. How could one plate be so giving? Mardi, a refined, open-air restaurant with black and white checked flooring and plenty of plantlife...
Cocktails Los Angeles

E.P. & L.P. Boba Cocktails (Drink of the Week)

L.P. is the rooftop bar at E.P. & L.P., the two-story West Hollywood “Asian eating house” from Australian owners DJ Grant Smillie, businessman David Combes, and model Ashley Hart. L.P. delivers panoramic city views...
Seafood Los Angeles

Cape Seafood Smoked Scallop Roll (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

I get it. Lobster, butter or mayo, and a toasted roll are pretty much a sure thing. Thankfully, some restaurateurs understand that other sea creatures might also work wonders. Crab and shrimp have become...
Cocktail Los Angeles

Connie & Ted’s Rhode Island Coffee Milk (Drink of the Week)

The two main ingredients in coffee milk, Rhode Island’s official drink since 1993, are not coffee and milk. Yes, milk is the base, but coffee comes in the form of syrup. Autocrat and Eclipse...
Banh Mi Los Angeles

Croft Alley Turkey Sausage Banh Mi (Food of the Week)

For several years, Bastide was the main culinary draw on West Hollywood’s ritzy Melrose Place, with chefs like Walter Manzke and Ludo Lefebvre drawing some of L.A.’s most fashionable people. Now models, designers, and...