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Vietnamese Food Los Angeles

Cafe Vietnam Truck Pork Belly Rice Bowl (Dose of Vitamin P)

Food trucks are far too often moving targets. I’ve show up at different locations during appointed times posted on social media, only to get ghosted. Thankfully, Cafe Vietnam Truck has proven to be reliable...
Vietnamese Food Portland

Ha VL Mi Quang (Dose of Vitamin P)

Most of the discussion surrounding the Portland food scene involves trendy restaurants in neighborhoods like downtown, Northwest District, and the Alberta Arts District. Many culinary tourists may not know that the city has a...
Banh Mi Los Angeles

Los Angeles Banh Mi Company Vietnamese Pork Sausage Banh Mi (Dose of Vitamin P)

Huntington Park, a city in South Los Angeles that isn’t far from downtown, has become a hotbed for Latin culture and food. It’s also one of the last reasonably priced pockets in L.A. County,...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Garlic & Chives Caramelized Catfish & Pork Belly (Dose of Vitamin P)

The decision on where to eat at Garden Grove’s Mall of Fortune is no longer clear-cut. Starting in 1996, Brodard was the obvious choice. In 2015, chef Kristin Nguyen disrupted the paradigm by opening...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Mai Phung Mi Mai Phung Kho (Dose of Vitamin P)

Little Saigon is stitched together with rich Vietnamese culinary fabric that of course doesn’t stop at pho, spring rolls, or imperial rolls. Some of my favorite meals are at noodle houses. I didn’t get...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Five Flavors Hu Tieu Five Flavors (Dose of Vitamin P)

In Vietnamese cooking, five flavors refer to bitter, salty, sour, spicy, and sweet. All of those tastes are on vivid display at Five Flavors, which opened to end 2016 in a Garden Grove strip...