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Brewery Ventura

Ventura County Breweries, Ventura Light + Smog City 4.20

As the brewery count rises in L.A. County, it is easy to cocoon yourself into your local haunts and hyper local beer. That is not a bad thing, but it does need to be...
Craft Beer Orange County

Green Cheek, California Love + MadeWest

If there was an animated TV show about the adventures of the Green Cheek parrot, I would watch it more than Game of Thrones. The parrot is part of the branding for Evan Price...
Brewery Ventura

Ventura Coast Brewing Company, SaazBerry + Stalking Horse

California beer travel usually centers on San Diego or meccas like Russian River and Firestone Walker. Just to the north of Los Angeles, another scene is growing. Ventura now includes Ventura Coast Brewing Company....
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Two New Spots, Buffalo Trace Barrels + BBQ on Ventura

This week Brew & You covers two new additions to L.A.’s craft beer drinking scene. Both spots are entering parts of town that have recently exploded with choices. First up is Cosmic Brewery which...
Craft Beer Ventura

Interview: brewmaster Chas Cloud (Surf Brewery)

Former real estate developer Chas Cloud left the industry after finding inspiration with homebrew. He started working in the BJ’s brewhouse in Oxnard and graduated to brewmaster of Surf Brewery in Ventura, where he’s...
Craft Beer Ventura

The Surf in Ventura is Rising

When you peruse the beer lists on the L.A. Beer Blast you start to see some familiar beer names and breweries pop up. One of those is Ventura’s Surf Brewery. I recently visited the...