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Craft Beer California

Best Beers of 2017

Yes, there is still time left to drink in 2017, but it is my self-appointed time to gaze backward at the most memorable beers from this year. Here are the ground rules: I drank...
Holiday Beer

Thanksgiving Ales, 8th Anniversary + Two Burbank Openings

Thanksgiving is one week away. So what beer should you be popping the cap on with the bird around? Before my suggestions, you need to look at the food that will be on the...
Mexican Restaurant Pasadena

Trejo’s Cantina, Lune de Miel + Chapman Turns 1

Danny Trejo is fast on his way to becoming better known more for tacos (and donuts) than for his movie roles. If you head over to his newest Trejo’s Cantina in Pasadena’s Playhouse District,...
Craft Beer Orange County

A Reserve of Craft Beer

St. Patrick’s Day was cold and rainy but that didn’t stop The Bruery or the members of its Reserve Society from heading to Anaheim for the Reserve Society Celebration of 2012. 30 Bruery beers...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

AKASHA (Unibroue Beer Dinner): Melding Culver City + Quebec

AKASHA Chef Akasha Richmond built on the success of her New Belgium Brewing Co. dinner by hosting a Unibroue dinner, pairing the Quebec brewery’s beer with five courses, some of which incorporated Unibroue beer...
Beer Ingredients

L.A. Beer Blast A28

The L.A. BEER BLAST is designed to let Food GPS readers know about what’s new at select L.A. bars and restaurants with great beer selections. You’ll also discover great beer-related events in the area...