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Tyler King

Coffee Los Angeles

Coffee Commissary Glendale Espresso (Drink of the Week)

Tyler King has grown Coffee Commissary from a single West Hollywood location to six L.A. branches that span three area codes. Glendale’s Kenneth Village outpost is the largest to date, spanning 3500-square-feet, including wraparound...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Coffee Commissary Banh Mi (Dose of Vitamin P)

Coffee Commissary, Tyler King’s steadily expanding chain with industrial design and beans from multiple roasters, has quietly built one of the best food programs of any L.A. coffeehouse. I’m referring specifically to the Burbank...
Coffee Los Angeles

Coffee Commissary Cubano (Drink of the Week)

Traditionally, a Cubano is a Cuban-inspired espresso drink sweetened with Demerara sugar. Normally, the sweetness helps to balance what is almost always acrid, dark roast coffee. Miami is clearly the United States capital for...
Craft Beer Orange County

Interview: Tyler King, The Bruery Senior Director of Brewing Operations

Tyler King started brewing professionally at age 18 at