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Bakery Los Angeles

Los Angeles Flatbreads Worth Seeking from the Middle East and Caucasus

I moved closer to Glendale right before COVID-19 shut down California. This brought me closer to L.A.’s highest concentration of flatbreads from the Caucasus and Middle East, which I’ve enjoyed for 20 years, but...
Turkish Food Anaheim

Koftegi Iskender (Food of the Week)

Mehmet Kaplan and wife/partner Lisa Matarazzo took Al Sanabel Bakery into a higher gear when they took over the beloved Little Arabia cafe and added Koftegi to the space. Kaplan is from Cappadocia and...
Persian Rug Los Angeles

Tehrangeles Food Worth Seeking

When noting cultural diversity, what better place to start than Los Angeles? The L.A. metro area hosts roughly 10 million residents, and you see people from all over the world come to call L.A....
Yogurt Drink Los Angeles

The Kitchen @ Westwood Ayran (Drink of the Week)

The Kitchen @ Westwood has slowly become a semi-regular part of my Westwood rotation. Turkey natives Huseyin Ilhan and wife Hava previously proved their skill with döner and dips, and I recently enjoyed their...
Turkish Food Los Angeles

The Kitchen @ Westwood Chicken Döner (Food of the Week)

Döner kebab, spit-roasted meat that originated in Turkey, has gained popularity across the the world. I’ve seen a recent crop of L.A. döner specialists. Many new concepts are Americanized, featuring global influences and flavors,...
Turkish Food Orange County

Mr. Kebap Spicy Kofta (Food of the Week)

Fountain Valley is best known as Little Saigon’s southern frontier and for the occasional Japanese gem. One emerging trend is Turkish food, with Mr. Kebap probably your best bet. Denny Gyldiz, parents Eric and...