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Museum Tokyo

Tokyo Food Worth Seeking

I enjoyed visits to the Ghibli Museum to see Miyazaki Hayao’s animation come to life, strolled the Imperial Palace’s impeccably manicured grounds, marveled at Yayoi Kusama Museum’s infinity rooms and colorful pumpkins. My wife...
Park Tokyo

Tokyo Coffee Worth Seeking

Tokyo is an exciting, relentless metropolis that can leave travelers exhausted after battling bustling streets and trains that sometimes double as sardine cans. Take much-needed breathers and recharge with some caffeine in the city’s...
Coffee California

Interview: Verve Coffee Roasters co-founder Colby Barr

Colby Barr co-founded Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz with Ryan O’Donovan in 2007. Since then, the partners have emphasized impeccable sourcing at the Farmlevel and high engagement at the Streetlevel. This holistic approach...
Coffee Tokyo

Sidewalk Stand Bitter Orange Americano

Sidewalk Stand is a Tokyo coffee, craft beer, and sandwich bar that my friend Tomo recommended for bitter orange coffee beverages. They have a downstairs bar along the Nakameguro canal with a sandwich case,...
Ramen Tokyo

Rokurinsha Special Dip Noodles

A honeycomb logo signaled our arrival at a recent Shinjuku offshoot Rokurinsha, a popular ramen shop that first debuted at Tokyo Station. I opted for Special Dip Noodles (860 yen), their signature bowl. Thick,...
Cocktail Tokyo

Gen Yamamoto Granny Smith Apple Cocktail

Tokyo has become famous for out-of-the-way cocktail bars that display unparalleled precision. Many friends recommended Gen Yamamoto, a bar on aside street in Tokyo’s Azabu-Juban district from a bartender by the same name, and...