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Restaurant Tijuana

La Cahua del Yeyo: Showing Some (Tuna) Fin in Tijuana

The exterior might double as a Coca-Cola billboard and the plain yellow walls don’t exactly scream gastronomy, but La Cahua del Yeyo prepares some of Tijuana’s best Sonora-style seafood. “The turtle of Yeyo” is...
Restaurant Sign Tijuana

La Querencia: Dropping Everything for Fresh Baja Venison

“Miguel Angel Guerrero shot a deer, so we’re going to La Querencia for venison.” Up until that point in the day, our dinner plans were unclear, but nobody was about to argue with Bill...
Ice Cream Shop Tijuana

Tepoznieves: “Snow of the Gods” in Tijuana Gastronomic Zone

It was an unseasonably hot day in Tijuana and all the walking had built up a thirst that ceviche and tequila couldn’t quench. The first spot we encountered all day that even had air...
Restaurant Tijuana

Mariscos El Conchal: Specializing in Sinaloa-Style Shellfish

Mariscos El Conchal might not deliver the oceanic fireworks of nearby Mariscos Ruben, but Umberto Buelna and chef-brother Oscar have still carved out quite a niche for themselves with their Sinaloa-style seafood shack. The...
Food Truck Tijuana

Mariscos Ruben: Trucking with Sonoran Seafood in Tijuana

We quickly learned that if you want to devour spectacular Mexican food in Tijuana, there’s no reason to stray far from the corner of 8th & Quintana Roo. Within one block, this is where...
Restaurant Tijuana

Duranguense: Policing Chilaquiles + Pintos in Tijuana

Day One featured some excellent seafood and steak, but little did we know that those feasts were little more than appetizers for Day Two, when we really got serious about our consumption. Stop #1:...