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Restaurant Tijuana

Taqueria Franc: Indulging in Adobada by Mercado Hidalgo

“Because it was there”…That might be the answer to why George Mallory decided to scale Mt. Everest, and it was also the reason I indulged in Taqueria Franc at 2 AM. My stomach clearly...
Restaurant Sign Tijuana

Sonora Mia: Getting Grilled Meat Fix at Tijuana Steakhouse

The trip’s first meal drew from the sea, as we feasted on an array of creatures with fins and shells. That was all well and good, but if you’re going to hang with a...
Restaurant Tijuana

La Palmera: Cavorting with Clams and Corvina in Tijuana

We made a “Cannonball Run” like break for the border, stampeded into Mexico on foot and all had one question on our minds: Where do we eat first? We all turned to Bill Esparza...
Taco Tijuana

Tacos Salceados: Experiencing Saucy Tijuana Taqueria

“Don’t worry, tacos will be flying in your face in a minute.” So said Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA, our leader and the man who anointed Tacos Los Salceados the best tacos in...
Barbacoa Tijuana

Barbacoa Ermita: Hidalgo-Style Barbacoa in Tijuana

Every weekend, Hidalgo native Victor Torres opens up his house’s covered patio so people can indulge in barbacoa, a popular breakfast feast from his hometown. Technically, his “restaurant” doesn’t have a name, but it’s...
Restaurant Sign Tijuana

Villa Saverios: Arriving at Alta Cocina in Tijuana

We’d already devoured eight meals and worked our way through a beer festival, so the idea of eating dinner was laughable. Our stomachs were on auto-pilot, but this wasn’t an ordinary group. This was...