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Restaurant Taipei

Yen: Stylish Chinese Restaurant at W Taipei

The East Area of Taipei is home to the city’s finest fashion, clubs and shopping, including the stately Bellavita department store. The neighborhood also contains the W Taipei, which opened in 2011 with an...
Dumplings Taipei

Din Tai Fung: Taipei Original Still Rises Above the Rest

Visiting the back-to-back branches of Din Tai Fung near Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park always made me wonder, how does the original Taipei location compare to its stateside spin-offs? In an unexpected twist, I finally...
Shaved Ice Taipei

Wu Di Mango Shaving Ice: Huaxi Street Night Market Staple

I wandered Longshan Temple, home to burning incense and gold Buddhas, before descending into Huaxi Street Night Market. The cross-shaped market devotes stalls to sugar cane juice, number running, eel noodles, and egg cakes...
Building Taipei

Ding Xian 101: Towering Taiwanese Restaurant in Taipei

Taiwan has remained lush and green, even in Taipei City, but the island nation also has a clear commitment to technology and the landscape showcases modern architectural flourishes like Taipei 101, a 101-story office...
Night Market Sign Taipei

Guan Zhi Lin Double Layer Roll Sausage @ Shilin Night Market

Jetlag was sinking in and it was tempting to skip dinner. Well, not really. Especially after my concierge described, “fried chicken as big as your face” at Shilin Night Market. The red line spit...
Restaurant Taipei

Ji Yuan Pu Restaurant: Native Taiwan Cuisine By Bamboo Lake

Lush, windy mountain roads led to series of restaurants near Zhuzihu, aka Bamboo Lake, farmer-run spots, many in quonset huts, at 650 meters, about 30 minutes outside Taipei City. My group ultimately selected Ji...