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Los Angeles Flatbreads Worth Seeking from the Middle East and Caucasus

I moved closer to Glendale right before COVID-19 shut down California. This brought me closer to L.A.’s highest concentration of flatbreads from the Caucasus and Middle East, which I’ve enjoyed for 20 years, but...
Middle Eastern Food Los Angeles

Aleppo Kitchen Fatteh B Laban

Los Angeles is lucky to have a wide spectrum of Middle Eastern cuisines. Syria is a war-torn country that’s seen minimal culinary play in L.A., but Aleppo Kitchen, a restaurant from Amad Bazrli on...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Esso Mediterranean Bistro: Showcasing Syrian Cuisine in Encino

If somebody were to chart the Middle Eastern dining options in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, Ventura Boulevard alone would keep people occupied for months. Still, not many restaurants have been able to distinguish themselves,...
Syrian Food Los Angeles

Esso Mediterranean Bistro Ras Nahnah

Syria has largely been associated with turmoil to start the ’10s, but of course the Middle Eastern country has more to contribute to the global landscape, including cuisine. Jack is ethnically Armenian, but hails...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Kebab Halebi: Carrying on Syrian Traditions in Van Nuys

On Christmas Eve, Raffy Ghadanian e-mailed, complete with a link to a YouTube video, to inform me that he and his brother George are “the original descendants of the dishes you enjoyed at Kokos...
Bakery Pasadena

Syrian Thanksgiving From Old Sasoon Bakery

Tired of gnawing on dried-out, flavorless turkey for Thanksgiving? Joseph Geragosian and his family are offering a Syrian solution. Old Sasoon Bakery in Pasadena is stuffing 20-pound gobblers with savory rice pilaf, ground beef,...