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Coffee Los Angeles

Dinosaur Coffee Bitters Cortado (Drink of the Week)

If baristas are the new bartenders, why shouldn’t they have some of the same tools at their disposal? Boston shakers are often in both hands, and now, so are bitters. Bitters, which are used...
Pork Los Angeles

Alimento Pork Shank (Dose of Vitamin P)

When people think of Italian cuisine, pork shank may not immediately come to mind, but the pairing may soon become synonymous in L.A. thanks to Zach Pollack and Alimento. The young chef was inspired...
Pork Los Angeles

Alimento Pig in a Blanket (Dose of Vitamin P)

It took Sotto co-owner Zach Pollack to reinvigorate a space near the Silver Lake Reservoir that last served food in 2008. The chef and L.A. native, who helped distinguish the Beverlywood restaurant as a...
Observatory Los Angeles

10 Great Craft Beer Places in Echo Park, Silver Lake + Los Feliz

To add a twist to this list of craft beer destinations in Echo Park, Silver Lake and Los Feliz, I purposefully left off two spots. Where do the craft beer fans of Los Angeles...
Pork Los Angeles

Cliff’s Edge Suckling Pig (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

A simple menu description of “Suckling Pig” at Cliff’s Edge doesn’t come close to doing Vartan Abgaryan’s dish justice in Silver Lake. The chef’s latest “farm to plate” offering features a prized Devil’s Gulch...
Coffee Los Angeles

Intelligentsia Coffee Angeleno (Drink of the Week)

When Intelligentsia Coffee opened the doors to their now-iconic Sunset Junction coffee bar, the Chicago-based company honored their adopted city with a signature coffee cocktail that still holds up six years later. The beverage...